Visual Performing Arts

Dorsey High School is located on the Westside of Los Angeles about 3.5 miles from the University of Southern California (USC). Students interested in pursuing degrees in communication, film and journalism begin their journey with Dorsey Video Production. Dorsey Visual, Media and Performing Arts (VMPA) Conservatory provides students the skills necessary for graphic design, flash animation, television, documentary, broadcast journalism and narrative film production, as well as music and theatrical performance. Careers in these fields may include working as camera operators, grips, sound technicians, directors, producers, editors, actors, graphic artists and computer programmers.

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Over the next three years, the goal of the Susan Miller Dorsey High School Video Production Program is to mirror a state-of-the-art film production and post production facility that is demand-driven and continuously responsive to the ever-changing needs of a film and new media industry. The students have demonstrated the need for more rigorous and complex curricula that can only be obtained through the creation of a professionally equipped production facility. We are also currently in development/planning of our district-approved $5 million dollar facility that we are designing to support the needs of our programs, partnerships as well as to meet industry standards.

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