Dorsey Football

The Pride and Tradition of Dons Football was created by real people – players, coaches, parents and boosters – who joined together in support of a common cause. For many of us fortunate enough to put on a Dons jersey, our playing experience at Dorsey has left an indelible mark on our lives.

Dorsey Don’s NFL Alumni

Chris Matthews WR SEA,BAL 2014 2017

Jeremy Harris CB JAX,WAS 2014 2015

Rahim Moore FS DEN,HOU 2011 2015

Chris Owens DB ATL,KAN,NOR,CLE,MIA 2009 2015

Keith Browner DE HOU 2012 2014

Robert Herron WR TAM 2014 2014

Johnathan Franklin RB GNB 2013 2013

David Gettis WR CAR 2010 2012

Jeremiah Johnson RB DEN 2011 2012

Jerome Boyd DB OAK 2009 2011

Na’il Diggs LB GNB,CAR,STL,SDG 2000 2011

Jerome Johnson RB ARI 2010 2010

Dennis Northcutt WR CLE,JAX,DET 2000 2009

Antonio Chatman WR GNB,CIN 2003 2008

Keyshawn Johnson WR NYJ,TAM,DAL,CAR 1996 2006

Edell Shepherd WR TAM,HOU 2003 2006

Lamont Warren RB IND,NWE,DET 1994 2002

Karim Abdul-Jabbar RB MIA,IND,CLE 1996 2000

Chris Mims DE-DT SDG,WAS 1992 1999

Charles Mincy DB KAN,MIN,TAM,OAK 1991 1999

Ron Lewis G WAS 1995 1995

Beno Bryant RB SEA 1994 1994

Aaron Cox WR RAM,IND 1988 1993

Holbert Johnson DB RAM 1987 1987

Daryl Knox LB PIT 1987 1987

Butch Johnson WR DAL,DEN 1976 1985

Bernard Jackson DB CIN,DEN,SDG 1972 1980

Reynaud Moore DB NOR 1971 1971

Ron Copeland WR CHI 1969 1969

Frank Buncom LB SDG,CIN 1962 1968

Billy Anderson DB-HB CHI 1953 1954

Jack Nix E SFO 1950 1950

Jack Kirby HB-DB GNB 1949 1949

Dorsey Dons Football Fundraiser

Dorsey Football Family, friends, and fans – Thank you so much for taking the time to view our fundraiser page. Your support will help us offer a higher quality football experience for all our athletes. Your donation is tax deductible. If you could please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter we would greatly appreciate it. By supporting Dorsey football you become a major part of our winning tradition!. Any support is greatly appreciated. Go Dons!

Why are donations necessary?

The cost of providing a competitive program far exceeds the allotted budget. We depend on community support to provide an enriching, character-building program.

How are my donations used?

Donations will help fund the following needs: field maintenance/updates, practice equipment, new uniforms, tournament fees, etc. Donations are vital to the success of this program.

What’s been funded: 2017-2018

10 New Football
10  New Riddell Speedflex Helmets
Gameday video equipment