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Our Goal $100,000


Your donation in the past has helped our school produced over 150,000 students, US Congress Members, Fields of Law, medicine, education, professional sports, arts, culinary arts etc….Continue donating?

Why do we need your support?

Dorsey High relies on funding from your contributions to fill the gap where district funding falls short. School Boosters funds make an immediate impact on the quality of student life and education at Dorsey.

What does it fund?

Your donations fill the needs of everything from basic supplies such white boards, resource materials, software and sports equipment to special assemblies, teacher training, cameras and computer equipment.

How do you Benefit?

Your donation is tax deductible. Tax ID #22-2222222. Other than direct costs of mailing, postage and similar expenses, all donations go directly to Dorsey programs.

Providing financial support

You the alumni, boosters and the community are working hard to provide funding for the immediate needs of students, classrooms, and teachers that occur during the school year.

  • 42% Academics 42%
  • 30% Althetics 30%
  • 21% Activities 21%
  • 7% Arts 7%